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    Tiger nuts, known as chufa nuts or earth almonds, despite its name are a tuber and not nuts. Tiger nuts can be taken either in their raw state or cooked state and benefits of tiger nut can be numerous. Lately, due to their multiple health benefits, tiger nuts are gaining popularity in the western world.

     In addition to a large number of minerals and vitamins provided by tiger nuts, they are a source of natural energy thanks to its content of starch and sucrose, necessary to carry out the vital functions and promote growth.

    For all these reasons and more we want to share some characteristics of tiger nuts that make them ideal in diets for a healthy life.


    1. Rich in Nutrients

    Tiger nuts contain a variety of nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. Their specific nutrient content depends on the type. There are three main varieties of tiger nuts : black, brown and yellow. Tiger nut has high nutritional content such asProtein, Fat, Vitamin E, Iron, Phosphorus, Vitamin C, Magnesium. Studies have proven that for you to live a healthy life you must consume a lot of nutrients. Tiger nuts are rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

    Varieties of Tiger Nuts

    Tigernut variety one_the lifestyle unit
    Tigernut variety two_the lifestyle unit
    Tigernut variety three_the lifestyle unit

    2. May Aid Weight loss

    Tiger nuts are high in insoluble fiber.  They make one satisfied for a longer period of time and help cut down on cravings. Consumption of fiber stimulates weight loss.

    3. Promotes Digestion

    Another benefits of tiger nut is that it aids in the smooth run of digestion and excretion. It helps in the absorption of nutrients and reduces the risk of high cholesterol. Tiger nuts may contain enzymes, such as catalases, lipases and amylases, which help break down foods. Tiger nuts can prevent constipation.

    4. Act as An Aphrodisiac

    Historically, tiger nuts have been used as an aphrodisiac to boost libido and sperm count. Several rat studies have proven that consistent consumption of tiger nuts can stimulate sexual activity. Nigerian men have used tiger nuts for generations to treat erectile dysfunction, increase sperm count and boost libido.

    5.  Manages Sugar Level

    Tiger nut may help keep your blood sugar levels in check. Tiger nuts are a rich source of amino acid arginine, which may multiply the production of insulin and sensitivity. They contain compounds that may reduce how much sugar is absorbed in your gut after a meal. 

    6.     May Improve Heart Health 


    Tiger nuts can be eaten in different ways. Here are a few examples on how to take them ;

    • Eat them just as they are. The best way to enjoy your tiger nuts is in their raw state. They are a very healthy and tasty snack option. You can also mix them with nuts and consume.
    • The most popular way of consuming tiger nuts is through a simple dairy-free milk. You can replace your regular cow milk or condensed milk at home with tiger nut milk. This milk can be taken raw or with your porridges, cereal, smoothies.
    • The nuts are a good complement to your breakfast. It can be taken as toppings on your cereal, smoothies or porridges.
    • Gluten-free bakers can use tiger nut milk for their cakes, pan cakes, breads, cookies and pastries.
    • You can use tiger nuts for butter. Which can be used to spread bread and some pastries.
    • Tiger nuts can be dried and powdered to make flour that can be used in cooking.


    Binu Tiger Nut is an organic natural product with no additives.

    You can be sure to have all the required nutrients present in your diet.

    It comes in a 200g and 500g pack.

    It can be taken raw as a snack or can be used as toppings for any porridge or smoothie of your choice.

    It can be added to your diet in diverse ways.

    You can also mix it with cold or warm water and drink.

    buying Tigernut_the lifestyle unit
    Tigernut product_the lifestyle unit

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