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    Black seed also known as nigella sativa is a plant grown in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia. Traditionally, it is used in cuisines and also for medicinal purposes. Its usage is dated back to the era of Mohammed. It traces its roots to the era of Mohammad and the Judeo-Christian. Several factors such as the user’s age, health conditions and weight determine the dosage. Black seed is currently adopted for the treatment of hemorrhoids and respiratory disorders. It is recommended to take black seed in small quantities when taken orally.


    Nutritional Content of Black Seed

    Thymoquinone (Tq), the major constituent of Black seed (Nigella sativa) which has therapeutic properties and also an oxidant is good for the protection of the body against cell damage. It also has hypoglycemic properties which it lowers sugar levels in the blood.
    Calcium (1860 mg) is a vital mineral in the development of bones. The calcium content in black seeds helps to prevent hypertension
    Zinc (60 mg)
    Thiamin (15·4 mg)
    Niacin (57 mg)
    Folic Acid (160 μg)
    Phosphorus (527 mg)
    Copper (18 mg)
    Iron (105 mg kg−1)
    Pyridoxine (5·0 mg)


    1. Anti-Inflammatory Effects
      Study suggests that taking black seed with chanca piendra can relieve patients of running nose, sneezing, sore throats and nasal congestion. Black seed has been used for headache, toothache, nasal congestion, and intestinal worms. Research indicates that black seeds reduce inflammation, improves coughing and lung function with asthma patients. This also makes it beneficial for relieving allergies for many people.
    2. Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
      Black is very good for treatment of low blood pressure and cholesterol. A study conducted on a sample of women suggested that, their cholesterol level reduced after taking black seed with their diet. Type 2 diabetes patients have shown lower levels of blood sugar thus reducing their risks of related complications after taking black seed supplements. It is enriched with mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids which provides improves the cholesterol level for healthy functioning of the body.
    3. Weight Loss
      Black seed aids in weight loss by aiding in shedding extra kilos, controlling an individual’s appetite and boosting their digestive health. Research indicates that people who are obese or overweight can take in black seed to reduce their weight, boost their metabolism and burn calories. In a research conducted on obese participants, it was discovered that people who were administered black seed had a reduction of weight.
    4. Improve Heart Health
      Another benefit of the black seed is the potential to reduce one’s risk of a heart disease by lowering inflammation. Black seed controls blood pressure levels and blood fat levels in humans. With its heart protective abilities, the black seed minimizes the effects of heart attacks and improves on the health of individuals.
    5. Reducing Stomach Upset
      Consuming black seeds minimizes stomach pain, bloating, gas, cramps, stomach ulcers and promotes digestion. Black seed is used in remedies for intestinal parasites. Study also suggests that by taking black seeds, the stomach lining is protected against the effects of alcohol. Black seed are used by women to start menstruation, for birth control and to increase breast milk of nursing mothers.
    6. Boost Memory
      Thymoquinone reduce neuroinflammation (inflammation of brain tissue). Black seed help protect against brain disorders like Alzheimer. A combination of black seed and honey is known to boost memory and to prevent neurological disorders. It is recommended to consume it on an empty stomach for a better result.
    7. Eliminates Cancer
      Black seed are known to have anti-cancer properties of thymoquinone which helps in neutralizing free radicals that cause cancer and also eliminates the growth of colon cancer cells. In one animal study, the seed was able to fight colon cancer in rats successfully with no side effects.
    8. Protect the Liver
      Black seed aids in the protection of the liver against damage. The mineral content in black seed clears toxins from the liver by controlling body metabolism and chemicals that are crucial to health. Lab research was conducted on rats. The results showed taking black seed protects liver and kidney against damage.
    9. Hydrates and Rejuvenates the Skin
      Black seed have medicinal, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Most skin and hair products have ingredients of black seed that enhances hair growth and volume. Black seed are also rich in biotic compounds which make the skin glow.
    10. Strengthen Teeth and Lubricates Bones
      Black seed aids in lubricating joints to facilitate movement. It is taken to heal inflammation and joint pains in the body. Osteoporosis may be caused by oxidative stress. Black seed is rich in anti-oxidants which aid in protecting the bones against damages. It is also known to take care of dental trouble like tooth and gum aches and falling teeth. Chewing black seed helps to strengthen the teeth.

    Ways you can consume black seed

    • There are a variety of ways to add kalonji to your diet.
    • It can be toasted or grounded to add flavor cuisines
    • Black seed can be eaten raw or mixed with honey or water
    • They can also be taken with oatmeal, smoothies or porridges.
    • Black seed are processed into oils as a natural remedy to increase hair growth and treat certain skin conditions.
    • It is mixed with honey and in baking products or pastries
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